— groundzero


This october Ground Zero became uncle (and aunt)!
A beautiful little girl, Robin, was born, and a hand-made wooden bird was to be the way to welcome her.

The bird’s body is from solid oak –¬†shaped, carved and sanded by Arjan, using hand-tools, a lathe, and some genuine dedication. The wings are painted by Laura, using coloured acrylics.
Wings and body are carefully balanced before mounting, as to give the bird the capacity of flying.

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The new logo of artists’ centre Werkplaats Walter really wanted to be a stained glass window,
and so Walter’s garden now has this art-deco inspired vitral hanging on it’s stone brick wall.

Laura combined a clear, structured industrial glass with a blue and green antique glass. The stained glass window is mounted in a steel frame with matte finish. It has a led backlight, for some nightly enjoyment during one of Walter’s many concerts.

If you want to visit, check out www.werkplaatswalter.be


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